Mihula Ya Masomo 2024-2025 | Tanzania Academic Periods 2024

Mihula Ya Masomo 2024-2025

Mihula Ya Masomo 2024-2025 | Tanzania Academic Periods 2024. Mihula shule Ya Msingi 2024. Mihula Shule Za Sekondari 2024. The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training in Tanzania (English: Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training) is simply a government ministry responsible for the establishment and improvement of education, higher education in science and technology in Tanzania vocational training.

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Mihula Ya Masomo 2024/2025 | Tanzania Academic Periods 2024/2025

Tanzania has a long history of Local Government, going back to the pre-colonial days. The purpose of taking cognisance of the history of Local Government in Tanzania is to look at where we came from with the view of improving the present and the future.

The Tanzania Schools Academic Calendar is divided into two major semesters for secondary shools and primary schools that start from January to the end of Novembers where each semester has almost 15 weeks.

In those two major semesters there is holiday where students sit for the midterm examination before closed for the semester so as to measure things they learn.

For mihula ya Masomo 2024 for Tanzania Secondary and primary schools, you can view in image below:-

Mihula Ya Masomo 2024-2025
Mihula Ya Masomo 2024-2025


Mihula Ya Masomo 2024/2025 | Academic Periods 2024
There are many lessons to learn from the various episodes of the evolution of Local Government in the country. Nevertheless, it can be said that since Independence, the Government has been taking deliberate steps to improve the effectiveness and effi ciency of Local Government culminating into the current Local Government Reform Programme.

Tanzania Academic Periods 2024/2025, Academic Periods in the Ministry of Education Tanzania,The Ministry of Education in Tanzania follows a specific academic calendar that outlines the academic periods for schools in the country. The academic year is divided into three terms, with each term having specific start and end dates. The academic periods are structured to provide students with a well-rounded education and ensure that they cover the required curriculum within the designated time frame.

Term Structure

The academic year in Tanzania typically consists of three terms:

First Term: The first term usually begins in January and runs through April. This term marks the beginning of the academic year, and students return to school after the long holiday break. During this term, students engage in various learning activities and assessments as they progress through their studies.
Second Term: Following the first term, the second term commences in May and extends to August. This period allows students to continue their studies and participate in extracurricular activities, examinations, and other educational events.
Third Term: The third term starts in September and concludes in December. It is the final term of the academic year, during which students complete their coursework, take final examinations, and prepare for the next academic year.

Tanzania Academic Periods 2024/2025

School Holidays

In addition to the three terms, there are designated holiday periods within the academic calendar. These holidays provide students with opportunities for rest and recreation while allowing educators to engage in professional development activities. The holiday periods typically include breaks between terms and longer vacation periods at specific times of the year.


The Ministry of Education in Tanzania follows a structured academic calendar with three distinct terms, each serving a specific purpose within the overall academic year. By adhering to this schedule, students have the opportunity to engage in comprehensive learning experiences while educators can effectively plan and deliver quality education.
Kalenda ya Mihula ya masomo 2024/2025, Mihula shule Ya Msingi 2024, Mihula Shule Za Sekondari 2024., Mihula Ya Masomo 2024/2025, Academic Periods 2024

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