Tetesi za Usajili Yanga Dirisha Dogo 2023/2024 | Transfer Rumors

Tetesi za Usajili Yanga Dirisha Dogo 2023/2024 | Transfer Rumors
Yanga Sports Club

Tetesi za Usajili Yanga Dirisha Dogo 2023/2024 | Transfer Rumors: The registration movement under GSM managed by Eng. Ersi Said are monitoring the registrations of several star players according to the information that has reached us. The 2022/2023 season will definitely go down as one of the most memorable for many Yanga fans. Their cherished squad has consistently outperformed in all events, including international tournaments.

According to the information we have received, the registration movement under GSM (Global Sports Management) is being overseen by Eng. Ersi Said. Eng. Ersi Said and the team are actively monitoring the registrations of various star players. Their role is to ensure that the registration process is conducted smoothly and efficiently, managing the details and paperwork associated with player registrations. Tetesi za Usajili Yanga Dirisha Dogo

Yanga SC has reached the semi-finals of the CAF Confederation Cup for the first time in the club’s history and in Tanzania as a whole. This incredible performance has given the fans great pride and highlighted the team’s increasing importance on the continental stage.

Tetesi za Usajili Yanga Dirisha Dogo 2023/2024 | Transfer Rumors

After the small registration window for players was opened, the Yanga club has shown the intention to search for several registrations to improve their squad, to match the needs of the technical bench according to the competitions they are participating in this 2023-24 season.

The Young Africans club has shown a sincere desire to find players who will keep the squad alive while aiming to find a striker and attacking midfielder, areas that have not found a permanent solution since the departure of their leading striker Fiston Mayele. In addition to signing a striker in the big window of this season, he has appeared to be ineffective in the team after not getting time to play, a situation that shows that he has satisfied the coach. Tetesi za Usajili Yanga Dirisha Dogo

Wachezaji wanatajwa Dirisha Dogo la Usajili Yanga

  1. Augustine Okrah (FC Benchem, Ghana) – DONE
  2. Ranga Chivaviro – Kaizer Chiefs (CF)
  3. Lionel Ateba – Dynamo Douala (CF)
  4. Manu Bola – FC Saint Eloi Lupopo (CF)
  5. Jonathan Sowah – Medeama SC (CF)
  6. Shekhan Ibrahim (CM) – JKU DONE 


Teams often enter the market in a small window to fix technical problems that appeared several games ago. It is very rare to see a team breaking the squad in the small window of registration, but it is also possible if the needs demand it, so let’s expect a few registrations while some players are released from the squad so that other players can come.

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